Basaseachic, 1973 — Copper Canyon, Chihuahua, Mexico



Phan-tom:’fant-em/n. 1a: something (as a specter) apparent to sense but with no substantial existence: APPARITION b: something elusive or visionary: WILL-OF-THE-WISP
2: something existing in appearance only 3: a representation of something abstract, ideal , or incorporeal.

Both categories of images (Equivalents and Symmetries) reveal images of or from nature that can be paradoxically construed by the human psyche to be something they are not. In Equivalents the subject matter is discovered and documented while in Symmetries one mixes symmetrical patterns of nature to manipulate the subject matter into existence.

This division between the straight non-manipulated documentary aesthetic and the manipulation or construction of an image is reminiscent of the dichotomy of relationships between Perceptions and Conceptions. Equivalents are visible and as straightforward as they can be. Symmetries are as hidden and unknown as is possible.

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